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Not too long ago, I was asked about my music and how much I'd be willing to hand out. I had these tracks recorded in my computer from surviving bits of tapes that I made in middle school and the like, and kinda swore myself to keep them secret... but then said "Fuck it" and handed it out to a member of the mc chris message board named Cracker Jack. Here are the notes I wrote him when I zipped the album up:

If you should know anything about this "album", know this:

D.A.W.G. was a project that, like many of my other endevours, is left unfinished (Including the first-first MDT album, Take It To The Pound, which I never went further than the intro for... which was nothing but a bunch of clips from shit I thought was cool or funny - nothing to do with me. Nothing from that tape has survived on this one). Two things to consider while listening to it. 1.) At the time, I had no computer, and for half of it no way to create original beats. 2.) It was dumb as hell, I admit it's dumb as hell, and I hate this thing. I wish I could hate it to death, as Gabe would say. The original cassette ended at "Just Fine (Da Sequel)", and even that I was saving to be the first song on Side 2, so I believe Side 1 ended at "'A' Student." Everything else is material that I recorded after that time that I didn't manage to salvage. Let's break it down by track.

1. Intro (Featuring Big C)

I listened to a lot of Busta Rhymes at the time, and other rappers who would try to integrate skits that would have some sort of lame-ass story, but at the time I thought it was the coolest shit ever. Calvin (Big C) is still the only funny thing about this whole intro... which is sad really. Sadder than me blowing into the microphones as an imitation of wind.

2. Just Fine

If you could hear the words to this, it's something about me throwing a party while my parents weren't home (Never happened) and at some point the rowdy houseguests throwing "my old Atari" out a window (Which also never happened, because at the time I only had a Collecovision that never worked). Other than that, I don't remember much of it.

3. V.D. 13

I had heard a clip of a RZA a/k/a Prince Rakeem song in a Wu-Tang special on MTV back then. There's an old song by him where the chorus was "I've got too many ladies. I've got to learn to say no. 'Oh, we love you, Rakeem!'" I loved that, and until years down the line had never heard the full song. So, much like the Michael Jackson loop in the background, I stole it. By the way, that instrumental is only slowed down because I dubbed it over and over again, and eventually because one deck was out of synch, it naturally became slower but sounded like shit. According to my old GeoCities website, this song is as old as 1999 if not older. If your curious, here are the lyrics: Valentine's Day 13 (Original)

By the way, 1789 were the last four digits of this girl who I was obsessed with AT THE TIME's phone number. I would go into detail about how I got the number but it's just even more embarassing and pathetic. Then again, I was in seventh grade back then.

...I went to call my mom at work to tell her I was sick, but couldn't remember her number. They let me sift through their Rolodex while they went and typed away, and while I found my mom's number, I found hers. It's sad, twisted, and pathetic, but that's what I was.

4. D.A.W.G. - The Movie

I have nothing to say about this. I don't even know what song that is playing in the background. I didn't even know then.

5. Same Ol' Thing

Oh, GOD, IT BURNS! Want the lyrics? Here: Same Ol' Thing

That song is horrible! Oh, sweet Jesus, they must've been dashing my lunchroom pizza with coccaine and crushed peyote while I wasn't looking.

6. "A" Student

...I remember some of this being based on true events. I can't remember which parts those were. I think I have the lyrics in a book somewhere... so you're not getting them, because that means I'd have to type them and relive the horror.

7. Just Fine (Da Sequel)

I can't remember which version of "Just Fine" this was. You see, this second version of "Just Fine" was recorded twice - once about a party, and the other about some "Midnight Plane" business I kept babbling about. I seriously had several references to that shit throughout so many song. It might as well have been my record label name... which at the time was "Shaun CD". Goddamn, my life is pathetic.

8. Old School Medley 1

Okay... Here is where we break into the realm of "Shit that wasn't ever going to be on D.A.W.G." And it gets even more pathetic. I kept trying to think of ways to tell this "1789" girl that I liked her, without having to actually talk to her, so I concocted Disney Channel schemes to get her attention. At one point, I was on the verge of recording almost an autobiography of myself, while saying on the tape that it was "therapeutic" and I "read about it in a magazine". At the end, I mentioned her. Before that though, I had little breaks in the tape where I cut in bits of old projects I had worked on with my older brother, where I either sang along over the tape or just said things like, "Oh, man... I sure sucked back then... you should hear Just Fine! That shit is blazin' hot!"

9. Fade Away

First song I can remember making with MTV Music Generator for PlayStation. The thing was that I still didn't have a computer. Honestly... I kinda like this one... Somewhat. It has its moments, certain little charms I'm thinking of carrying over.

10. Raise Off

Okay, this has to be freshman year of High School. There was a girl named... Well, I can't remember her name completely, but it was Heather or something, she had curly red hair, braces, and talked like she was either from the hood or retarded. I always like the simplicity of the beat, so I can say I do have a broken down, simplified version I was planning on using for The Detroit Press Free (A song called Half Past Seven). This song sucks, though.

11. Midnight Plane (Outtake 1)
12. Midnight Plane (Outtake 2)

Once again, small charms I liked, but this one I really don't like. It was a moment where I had a big ass book of poetry and I was on a mission to go through and read every single one. There was a poem called "Midnight Plane" that did say something about it being "like a shooting star." I could pull the book out, but it'd be pointless - the song didn't have much substance. I was never able to record it completely anyway.

13. 16 Bars a Piece

I wish I had the whole thing of this song, but I accidentally recorded over it. I loved the verses back then, but I can't remember what they were.

14. Raise Off (Clean Outtake)

Went to record a version of it with edited lyrics and ran out of tape. Done.

15. Fade Away (Remix)

I wrote "Fade Away", and on the same page I wrote an additional verse and was like, "And I'll put this one in the Remix!" All I like in this was the hammer noise going throughout it. Everything else was shit.

16. Just Fine (Remix)

Just Fine Lyrics

I think this is the one about the plane, I believe. My brothers won't let me live this song down, and anytime someone mentions it, they start up with "All night long, all night long."

You know, I had never heard that Lionel Richie song back then. I had seen The Fifth Element though.

17. Old School Medley 2

Once again, sadness upon sadness, but with this gloom the sadness ends.

And that's the story about pimps and hoes.

- The MDT / Shaun B.

D.A.W.G. (Rare and Unreleased Early Tracks):

1. Intro (Featuring Big C)+
2. Just Fine++
3. V.D. 13+++
4. D.A.W.G.: The Movie++++
5. Same Ol' Thing*
6. "A" Student**
7. Just Fine (Da Sequel)***
8. Old School Medley 1****
9. Fade Away
10. Raise Off
11. Midnight Plane (Outtake 1)
12. Midnight Plane (Outtake 2)
13. 16 Bars a Piece (Surviving Snippet)
14. Raise Off (Clean Outtake)
15. Fade Away (Remix)
16. Just Fine (Remix)***
17. Old School Medley 2^

+ = Contains samples of a KLLM Trucking Tape... I think... Featuring Big C/Burt Blaze as "Johnny Smith".
++ = Contains samples of Saturday Night Live (Russel and Tate), and LL Cool J's "Phenomenon."
+++ = Contains samples of Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" and a reused portion of RZA/Prince Rakeem's "Ooh We Love You Rakeem."
++++ = It's a sample, but I don't know what of. Some stuff I found on a tape at this guy's house after he moved out.
* = Instrumental from Busta Rhymes' "WOO-HAH!! Got You All In Check (Around The World Mix)
** = Contains portions of Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor", Sam Cooke's "Wonderful World," and the instrumental to The Lox's "Money, Power & Respect."
*** = Instrumental from Busta Rhymes' "WOO-HAH!! Got You All In Check (Jay-Dee Bounce Mix)," as well as some parts of Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" and... that one disco song... "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now."
**** = Features Lil' Dog/Big C/Burt Blaze and Peng 1/K-Dawg. Contains samples of the 1-2-3 Kid's Theme Song, two other WWF guy's theme song (It was Peng 1's CD), Tha Dogg Pound's "Me In Your World," and Nutta Butta's "Freak Out."
^ = Features Lil' Dog/Big C/Burt Blaze and Peng 1/K-Dawg. Contains portions of Master P's "Make 'Em Say Uhh!", "Hooked on a Feeling", Usher's "You Make Me Wanna," The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Fuck Me (Interlude), and Tha Dogg Pound's "Me In Your World."

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