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Guitar at Hand - Front Cover

I've never claimed that I can play a guitar as well as any other instrument. Guitar at Hand is not AT ALL an attempt at being serious. My little brother lent me his guitar for a week or so, and while I had it I added some parts for my mc chris "Illy Oi!" remix, as well as dicked around and have the following MP3s that are here. It never became a collection until I was setting up a music manager account and decided to up them there as an EP titled "Guitar at Hand." The cover work for it was much worse than what you see here now, but in an attempt to download it from I kind of erased it. Sucks. Either way, the new pic's better.

"Scream Dracula Scream" is just me... screaming. I've started many-a mix CDs with this track, whether they were compilations of my music or not. (the Red disc) had this as its first track, and also had "Wash That Ass" as a hidden bonus. "Stray Cat Strut" (Or as it's typed on, "Strut Cat Stray") is a "cover" of the famous Stray Cats song... but I don't really know the words... nor how to even play a chord on a guitar... This whole thing was moreso a joke and never really intended for human ears to hear it. Both "Dracula" and "Wash" have been available for download at, but this is the first time that I've made "Strut" available... The question is "Why would you want it?"

If you still wanna persue it, be my guest. I hope you have a cheap laugh. I still love "Wash That Ass", mainly because it was just fun to hang around for three minutes or so and scream obscenities off the fly. I really had no idea where I was trying to go when I was recording it - not that it's surprising or anything, but nothing was written or pre-conceived.

Guitar at Hand:

1. Scream, Dracula, Scream
2. Stray Cat Strut (Stray Cats "Cover")
3. Wash That Ass

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