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Single White Rapper is an album that never existed. It was merely created for a project in Computer Graphics class where I had to make an album cover. The song titles on the back was a list of songs I had already written and a few I had recorded. I remember "One Too Many Definitions" had the line written in there to make it fit in the title displayed on the back cover. There were a few that were written after making a placeholder name. I know "No Excuse Good Enough was written and had an instrumental but abandoned. The instrumental should also be available on this site.

Here's what I do remember - "Sometimes (Dedicated To...)" is one of the first songs I recorded with access to a computer. The FIRST first song I completely deleted and don't have a copy of, which was called "I Couldn't Have Tried Anymore" and had a sample of Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" running through it, all about the exploits of a crush from Middle School... I think that's why i deleted it. Otherwise, I remember really liking it. Maybe I have it on tape somewhere...

Second oldest with the use of a computer was "Dear Helga," the obvious ode to a character on Hey Arnold! (I'm not excited saying that, the show is correctly spelled with an exclamation mark.) I think I'm gonna go and say this clear as day - no, it's not a love song. It's simply me frustrated with the character of Helga Pataki as at the time I was often frustrated with myself and my own setbacks. It's almost like sitting back and giving myself advice, but directing it to "a friend of mine," since I deny the problem. At the time, I was heavy into the Hey Arnold! Fan Fiction community and it just seemed like a good idea. Say all you want about it, but it's a great show. Sure, some of the episodes are corny and cheesy, but it's for kids. Still, I'd rather be watching that than fucking Naruto... God, I hate Anime...

Third oldest would be "Hit 'Em Wit' It", but much like "I Couldn't Have Tried Anymore", it too has been deleted. Forever. It sucked anyway, you're not missing anything. The beat was reused for my remix of mc chris' "Ten Year Old." Then "Barbaloot Soot", which still remains as one of my favorites. "Proctor" was my favorite after I wrote it... Although I still don't know what I was talking about. "Untitled" was what I refer to with "I Couldn't Have Tried Anymore" (That song name is just TOO LONG). "Your Girlfriend's Ugly" was written and not recorded, and then the instrumental was used for my mc chris remix of "Boys Don't Cry (Slap Bass Mix)". "Ain't That Some Shit?" wasn't ever written. "Don't Fall" was written, and I think I found it in a notebook the other day. The beat has been lost though on a PlayStation 1 memory card I can't seem to find. I remember it sampled off of Everclear's "Strawberry." - "Don't fall down now, you will never get up..."

"Where Were You?" is another case of missing beat, but it was written. The beat was this one I kept going back on and adding more clicks and backwards noises. It had a sample of Queen's "Don't Try Suicide," but it was the bassline from the beginning played backwards. It was basically a song about not believing in God and why I'm an Athiest. In all reality, I'm more pushing towards Agnostic - I'd like to think there's something out there, it'd be nice to have an answer, but I don't think I've been shown enough to be given concrete beliefs. Faith is something I don't have a lot of, especially if I can't see what it is I have faith in. So maybe I'm a fool; either way, I don't really care. I don't really come down on people for believing as I really don't side with people who don't. Religion is a pointless thing to argue about. Maybe that's why I didn't record it when I had the memory card.

"How It Is" seems really out of place here. I don't know what I was thinking when I put this together. My original intentions for that song were that it was going to be connected to another song called "Up In The Balcony," which was this stupid story song that kind of went nowhere... maybe that's why I did it. "Balcony" had this bad-ass beat though - reminded me of the music from Pole Position. Anyway, where "Balcony" was this complex synth thing, "How It Is" was this really simple beat - just a slow "kickdrum-snare" kind of thing and this organ drone in the background. I remember really liking it then, but now that I look at it, I was really just trying to bite off of Method Man.

"Pepsi (Interlude)" was this really short song that I had written and even had the lyrics for it posted on another website, but now - I don't know what happened to them. I don't think it ever had a beat though. I do remember that it was about buying some Pepsi from the store... Anyway, "Radio Free" wasn't ever written, which brings us to the outro. I also thought about putting "Let Her Dream" as a bonus track, but that song... is a different story altogether. I wrote it for a girl who's name has been taken off of it since then. It's not her song anymore - she lost that right. It was mainly her saying, "Gee, you guys have it easy. I have to wipe eveytime I go to the bathroom. You guys can just stand then zip up..." I wrote it on a field trip to Kalamazoo. That's all I wanna say about it, aside from my little brother has told me that he "covered" it. Trust me - knowing him, you don't want to hear it.

As for the cover art, I don't even know where I found those pictures anymore. I know that old guy on the back was Photoshopped to pieces just for the hell of it. He had a face, the guy standing behind him had a head, there were more papers taped to the lampost, there was a Burger King bag on the ground, the cigarette ad in the back wasn't blurred, and the newspaper machine had a name on it. I think there was more, but I'd have to find the original to be sure. I think the filmstrip was from a De La Soul concert disc or something. Google is wonderful.

Side story: "Sometimes" was the first song I ever really tried pushing on people, but then again it was just a call for attention. There's a part at the end where I say something comparing myself to other rappers, how I try harder, and they're making money with their music while mine's still "free like Juno" (which was a free Internet browser back then, much like NetZero used to be), but then "they'll die like Ashley Luno." Ashley Luno was this girl that, quite honestly, I never really liked. She was horrible to me when I hardly knew her, and my brother talked a lot of shit out her that made me like her less. The year before or so, she had been in a car accident and died. Of course afterward, my brother's opinion of her changed and he was attending the funeral and everything else. Mine hadn't, so my pity revenge against her was to use her name, and then recreate a car crash noise with a woman screaming. I had anger issues. I see it's kinda wrong now, but you know - I did it. I won't lie about it.

As for "One Too Many Definitions (True)"... I got that beat off of a guy on named Metal Gear Solid, so I don't know what he used to sample it. I asked him if it was okay for me to use it if I wasn't making money back then and he told me to go for it. It was about a girl who I had a crush on and just became friends with. Really the short and simple. I think I decided that maybe it'd be better off that way about a month after making the song. Still, I come back to it and enjoy it.

What Remains of Single White Rapper:

1. Sometimes (Dedicated To...)+
2. Barbaloot Soot
3. Dear Helga++
4. One Too Many Definitions (True)+++
5. Sometimes (Dedicated To...) (Remix)
6. Dear Helga (Remix)
*. Let Her Dream

+ = Samples off of "You're All I Need/I'll Be There For You (Puff Daddy Remix)" by Method Man, "Purple Metallic Burst" by Glen Burtnik, and "Mother's Little Helper" by The Rolling Stones.
++ = Samples off of "Close To Me (Closer Mix)" by The Cure, as well as takes portions of the song's lyrics.
+++ = Sample unknown, beat by Metal Gear Solid.

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