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The Detroit Press Free is really the only album that I ever fully tried to complete, or at least the closest I've come to finishing. I say that because every song for it was written, I made all the instrumentals, and there's even two songs that were maybe done 25% in that have never been finished. There's not really enough to piece it together now and add it to the tracklist, otherwise I'd be gracing this page with "Half Past Seven" and "Cunning Visions."

Here's some stories about the album though and the songs finished or still lurking in text files on my computer.

I started this album way ahead of myself by coming up with song titles and working around that. It's a real dumb thing to do, but regardless, I think I came up with some good ideas in the process so maybe it was a better route. An important part of it to me at least was that almost every track name originally intended to be on the album was derived from a movie reference.

"Cunning Visions" took its name from Patrick Swayze's character's inspirational video in Donnie Darko and was my Catcher in the Rye of the album, having nothing really to do with the movie at all, but moreso about how I hate watching the news when half of it really isn't news to me. Not that deep or anything, but I thought it was fitting for something an album title spinning off of a newspaper title while at the same time saying exactly what I was saying in the title as well. Press Free = not covered/don't care to get involved. It reminded me of the self-help video and how his spectrum of fear and love was utter crap, and how he himself was an immoral person trying to lead others while sweeping his dirt under the rug by exposing others. Sounds like the news.

"Half Past Seven"... I don't remember if that came from a movie or not. I think it was just something I had been mumbling to this old instrumental I had for a song called "Raise Off" (Available on D.A.W.G.). The only idea I had for it was a "faux-party" atmosphere where I'd overdub myself talking in the backround and singing backups about twenty to thirty times. I still kinda like it. Can't say that about many songs. I think it's because it was such a simple beat.

"Walk By" - The title did come from something; I think it was from another rap song, but I can't recall the artist. Something like "we don't do drive-bys, we just walk up" or something. A "Walk By" seemed like such a funny kind of statement, while at the same time exactly how I felt I was being treated like with this girl I knew. I followed her everywhere, and tried the best to show her how I felt about her, and never really had a solid answer from her at the time. It felt like walking up to her meant just getting shot time after time... but I live on this street! Whatever, I'm over it - this song has helped when I've looked back at it. I'd still like to crack her in the face. Ba-kow.

"Mrs. Brisby" is named after the character of the same name in the Don Bluth film The Secret of NIMH (I'm aware that her name in the book was Mrs. Frisby). The song really is a cheap metaphor that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I knew this girl at the time who had been going out with this guy who was just... a moron. I used to have a kind of a fixation on the girl, which I was through with by the time I wrote the song. At that point, I was fed up with the shit she was being pushed through, and I was sick of how she kept coming back for more. I knew she could do so much better. Finally this guy lost it and acted a goddamn FOOL one day and pretty much cut all ties with her short of a restraining order. Almost immediately (Well, not too quickly - there was a month or so I believe) she found herself with a new boyfriend, and as far as I know they're still together and he's nothing like the other chump. So I'm glad she's happy now, even if she didn't know this song was about her at the time that I made it.

"Another Club" had nothing to do with anything. It was an idea to have this oddball song that didn't belong anywhere that was simply horrible. I do like some of the devices used, like the random conversation coming in here and there, but the verse still sucks. I think that's why I kept it. Plus, the "I'm going to the strip club" part seemed like a perfect lead in to "Hold The Phone."

"Hold The Phone" I think I pulled from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? at the time. I could be wrong. It's a pretty generic phrase. "Hold The Phone" was the first song recorded, and really the only one I can't listen to but can't forget. It's fun to just scream around and tell people I wish they were dead, and story songs are always fun.

"Air Dry" is from Van Wilder, where Taj is talking about wanting to get laid - "Take it to the car wash! And Air Dryyyyyyyyy. Air Dryyyyy that shit." Originally, I took some random song with no name and called it "Air Dry", but then after messing around making the instrumentals, I wrote something completely different where it seemed at least slightly tied into the title. It's probably still my favorite. Pretty much any page I start at a free MP3 hosting site has "Air Dry" on it.

"Leo Confidential" is an obvious play off of L.A. Confidential, a movie which I still have never seen... but I'm intrigued nonetheless. I hate this song. I hated it so much that I tried to rewrite it to make it better. That rewrite sucks too. I'm sorry you have to deal with it.

"What You Deserve" I think I named after Sublime's "What I Got". It ended up being this song just saying how I try not to write about anything I really don't mean unless it's obvious I don't mean it. I hated it when my brother or someone else would talk about shooting people or having guns or kicking asses at the club and shit when they did nothing but talk about it. I hate the talk with no walk; I've tried so hard not to find myself slipping that way, so a lot of my songs have usually focused around four things: 1.) I hate people, 2.) People I love, 3.) I'm a mediocre rapper with a shitty life, and 4.) Sometimes you have to do a song about a friend so they might invite you to parties or at least buy you a pop when you don't have any money. Once again, I've never been too happy with this song, especially the second verse and that ending ripping off of 50 Cent's "Back Down."

"Red and Grey" wasn't named after anything and was another song about the girl mentioned in "Walk By" but in a more positive and sincere light - more just like another "Hey, I'm over here" kinda song. Then I was having even more conflicts with her, so it was rewritten to this song about how I kind of talk about hypothetical conversations with her in my head rather than having these conversations, and just an internal conflict of how "You aint' shit, you don't deserve happiness," and how I was still trying to prevail. Never really had the nerve to record it. I think it's better that way.

"Formula 977"'s title was taken from the movie/play Harvey; it's what the doctor at the asylum said he was going to inject Elwood with to cure him of his "dillusions." It started first as a song about nothing. Then it was a song about my brother and how I hate his style - stating that I have the 977 that'll show him what's real and what not. Then I decided that I'm sick of talking about him, and the instrumental sounded too much like "Leo Confidential." So I eventually just decided that another instrumental I made, which has gone by the name of "Instrumentally Thing," would be the new beat for "Formula 977." It then became an advertisement for a new wonderdrug that would cure whatever is wrong with your life. I wrote it at work one day, and honestly I don't know what I did with any of it. I guess I could rewrite it... but I'm lazy.

"The Harbinger" was another song just saying I'm not going anywhere, and it was based off of this one day after school where as I was walking up to the library to use the internet, I saw this middle-aged balding guy who was doing the same thing across the street. He followed me in, and all the staff members knew his name, just as they were starting to learn mine. Made me think that regularity and consistancy is not something that is to be proud of all the time. I thought "In thirty years... I'm gonna be that guy... Damn..." The instrumental was also used for my "Stories of Prom" skit, but that's another story.

"IF I Had a Gun" - there's some movie that says "If I had a gun, I'd shoot you," but I can't remember what it was. "If I Had a Gun" was originally this nine minute song that changed it's style three times but kept the same repetitous melody to it. First three minutes were about how, once again, I"m sick of life, people are full of crap, and if I had a gun there'd be some end to it if only slightly. The second was how if I had a gun, maybe I'd have more to sing about and not be thought of as a pretender or something - give me something violent to bring to the table. Part three was the reoccuring theme from "Walk By" and all that and was intentionally written as a song called "Fell In Love With a Girl (But She Don't Love Me)". It also kinda covered a lot of suicidal thoughts I've had over the years. You can say that it's kinda disturbing, but at the same time, the venting actually did help me graduate high school, so... I guess that's something to be proud of in a way. Glad I didn't die, otherwise I wouldn't have this diploma... collecting dust... since I last used it to get my Driver's License... YEARS ago... I did rewrite it about a month or two back to make it even a bit more disturbing - not intentionally though. It actually became a bit of a hitlist, saying everyone without names that I'd probably kill... So altogether I'm a desensitized asshole, but I'm not stupid enough to go through with it. Don't worry - nobody's dying at my hands. Right now, I'm really glad that one isn't seeing the light of day. Suicide fueld a lot of songs on this song. Even "Half Past Seven" had a line that said "In a world full of open ears, I hardly speak / of anything of importance to anyone. / I'd put an end to it but where am I to find a gun?" It's really the only line from the song I remember. That and "Half-depressed and a ranting mess / but enough about me; how're your holidays?"

And that's all you ever wanted to know or never thought to ask. "Fantastic", however, always seemed like the perfect thing to add as a bonus track. Hide it after the outro. What's funnier is that one wasn't intentionally part of the "songs after movies" theme, but was really a spin off of not only Leon Phelps, The Ladies' Man, but... ah, shit it's on the tip of my tongue. Think, boy, think! Um... nope, it's gone. Either way, I thought it was funny.

What Remains of The Detroit Press Free:

1. Intro
2. Walk By
3. Mrs. Brisby
4. Hold The Phone
5. Another Club
6. Air-Dry
7. What You Deserve
8. Leo Confidential
9. Outro
*. Fantastic+

+ = Laugh track by Calvin/Clarence "Big C/Burt Blaze" Blankenship/Turdmouth.

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